Microsoft Power BI Desktop


Dremio Power BI integration requires:

  • Microsoft Power BI Desktop (October 2018+) which includes Dremio as a Certified Connector
  • Install Dremio Connector.

Creating a DirectQuery connection to a Dremio Cluster

  1. Open Power BI.


    You can launch Microsoft Power BI by clicking an icon on the Client toolbar on the Dremio Datasets page. The Client toolbar lets you launch Tableau and Power BI from Dremio. Dremio administrators can configure which clients appear on the toolbar for a Dremio project in the Client Tools pane of the Support Settings page and with a new REST API endpoint.

  1. Click Get Data, choose Database on the left and select Dremio.

  2. Enter the IP address for one of the coordinator nodes in your Dremio cluster and select the DirectQuery option.

  3. Enter your Dremio username and password.

  4. Select the datasets you want to analyze and Load.

  5. Your Dremio datasets are now ready to use in Power BI.

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