Microsoft Power BI Desktop


Dremio Power BI integration requires:

  • Microsoft Power BI Desktop (June 2017 +)
  • Install Dremio Connector with Microsoft Power BI integration

Creating a DirectQuery connection to a Dremio Cluster

  1. Open Power BI.

  2. Click File, choose Options and Settings, and select Options. In the Preview features tab, enable the Custom data connectors option by clicking on the checkbox.

  3. If using a recent version of PowerBI, go to the Security tab. Under Data Extensions, select Allow any extension to load without validation or warning.

  4. Restart Power BI.

  5. Click Get Data, choose Database on the left and select Dremio.

  6. Enter the IP address for one of the coordinator nodes in your Dremio cluster and select the DirectQuery option.

  7. Enter your Dremio username and password.

  8. Select the datasets you want to analyze and Load.

  9. Your Dremio datasets are now ready to use in Power BI.

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