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Version: 24.3.x


You can run SQL from DBeaver to explore your data in your data lakes and relational databases through Dremio and the JDBC driver for Arrow Flight SQL.


If you want to use DBeaver with the legacy JDBC driver, see the instructions here.

Supported Versions

You can use any version of DBeaver, as long as you use Dremio 21 or later.

Supported Authentication Methods

You can use your Dremio username and password, or you can use a personal access token (PAT) that you obtained from Dremio.


Connecting to Dremio

  1. In DBeaver, add the JDBC driver for Arrow Flight SQL as a new driver. You need to do this only once, and can skip this step if DBeaver already lists this driver in its Driver Manager dialog:

    a. In the menubar, select Database > Driver Manager.

    b. In the Driver Manager dialog, click New.

    c. In the Settings section, follow these steps:

    1. In the Name field, specify a name for the driver, such as "JDBC Driver for Arrow Flight SQL".

    2. In the Driver Type field, ensure that Generic is the selected driver type.

    3. In the Class Name field, specify org.apache.arrow.driver.jdbc.ArrowFlightJdbcDriver.

    4. In the URL Template field, specify jdbc:arrow-flight-sql://{host}:{port}.

    5. In the Default Port field, specify 32010.

    d. In the Libraries section, click Add File and select the .jar file for the JDBC driver for Arrow Flight SQL.

    e. Click OK.

  2. Create a connection to Dremio that uses the driver:

    a. Select Database > New Connection from JDBC URL.

    b. In the Create New Connection from JDBC URL dialog, type jdbc:arrow-flight-sql://<hostname>:32010, where <hostname> is the hostname of your coordinator node. DBeaver lists the driver in the Drivers field.

    c. Select the driver and click Next.

    d. In the Connect to a Database dialog, provide your authentication credentials by following either of these sets of steps:

    • To use a personal access token that you obtained from Dremio:

      1. In the Username field, specify the username for which the PAT was generated.

      2. In the Password field, paste your personal access token.

    • To use your Dremio username and password:

      1. In the Username field, specify your username.
      2. In the Password field, your password.

      e. If connections to Dremio Software will not be encrypted, add the useEncryption property as a driver property, and set the value to false. The default for this property is true.

      f. (Optional) Click Test Connection. If the connection works, the Connection Test dialog opens and indicates that DBeaver is able to connect to Dremio. The connection is not held open. Click OK.

      g. Click Finish.