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Version: 24.3.x


Categories: String


Right pads a string with spaces or specified characters to reach the number of chracters specified as a parameter.


RPAD(base_expression varchar, length int64 [, pad_expression varchar]) → varchar

  • base_expression: The expression to pad.
  • length: The number of characters to return.
  • pad_expression (optional): Characters to pad the base_expression with.


RPAD example
select RPAD('dremio', 9, '!')
-- dremio!!!
RPAD example
select RPAD('base_', 9, 'expression')
-- base_expr
RPAD example
select RPAD('dremio', 9)
-- dremio

Usage Notes

If pad_expression is not specified, then the base_expression will be padded with spaces. If length is less than the length of the base_expression, the base_expression will be truncated to the length. If the length + the length of the base_expression is less than the length of the base_expression + the length of the pad_expression, only the subset of the characters from the pad_expression required to fill the length will be appended to the base_expression.