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Version: 24.3.x


The WITH clause defines a common table expression (CTE), which is a temporary named result set. The definition of a CTE includes its name, an optional list of column names, and a query expression (that is, a SELECT statement).

For more information about SELECT statements, see SELECT.

[ WITH <cte_name> [ ( <cte_column1>, <cte_column2>, ... ) ]
AS ( <query> )


[ WITH <cte_name> [ ( <cte_column1>, <cte_column2>, ... ) ] AS ( <query> ) ] String   Optional

A temporary named result set for use in the statement that defines the CTE.

  • <cte_name>: The name of the CTE you are defining. The CTE must have a unique name within a given query.
  • <cte_column#>: The names of the columns from the query that defines the CTE.
  • AS <query>: The query (SELECT) statement that defines the CTE.


Query an existing table using a CTE clause
WITH cte_quantity (Total)
AS (
SELECT SUM(passenger_count) as Total
FROM Samples.""."NYC-taxi-trips" where passenger_count > 2
GROUP BY pickup_datetime
SELECT AVG(Total) average_pass
FROM cte_quantity