Function Name Description
ABS Computes the absolute value of a numeric expression.
ACOS Computes the arcccosine (inverse cosine) of a value in radians
ASIN Computes the arcsine (inverse sine) of a value in radians
ATAN Computes the Arctangent (inverse Tangent) of a value
CBRT Computes the cube root of a numeric expression
CEILING Returns the nearest equal or larger value of the input expression. Can also be called using CEIL().
COS Computes the cosine of a value in radians
COSH Computes the hyperbolic cosine of a value in radians.
COT Computes the cotangent of a value in radians.
DEGREES Converts radians to degrees.
E Returns Euler’s number, a constant approximately equal to 2.718281828459045.
EXP Calculates Euler’s number, e, raised to the power of the specified value.
FLOOR Returns the value from the specifed expression rounded to the nearest equal or smaller integer.
LOG Returns the logarithm of the numeric input expression. If no base is specified, the natural log (ln) will be calculated.
LOG10 Returns the log base 10 of the numeric input expression.
MOD Returns the remainder of the input expression divided by the second input expression.
PI Returns the value of pi, which is approximately 3.14592654.
POWER Returns the result of raising the input value to the specified power.
RADIANS Convert a value in degrees to radians
ROUND Returns the rounded value for the inputted value. If no scale is specified, the closest whole number is returned.
SIGN Returns the sign of the input expression.
SIN Computes the sine of a value.
SINH Computes the hyperbolic sine of the input expression.
SQRT Returns the square root of the non-negative numeric expression.
TAN Computes the tangent of a value in radians.
TANH Computes the hyperbolic tangent of the input expression.
TRUNCATE Rounds the input expression down the nearest of equal integer depending on the specified number of places before or after the decimal point.