Function Name Description
CONVERT_TIMEZONE Convert timestamp to the specified timezone
CURRENT_DATE Returns the current date of the system.
CURRENT_DATE_UTC Returns the current date of the system based on the UTC timezone.
CURRENT_TIME Returns the current time for the system.
CURRENT_TIMESTAMP Returns the current timestamp for the system.
DATE_ADD Add (or subract) days from a date/timestamp value or column
DATE_PART Return subfields such as year or hour from date or timestamp values
DATE_SUB Subtracts the number of days from the specified date or timestamp.
DATE_TRUNC Truncates the date or timestamp to the indicated precision.
EXTRACT Extracts the specified date or time part from the date or timestamp.
TIMESTAMPADD Add (or subtract) an interval of time from a date/timestamp value or column
TIMESTAMPDIFF Return the amount of time between two date or timestamp values
TO_TIMESTAMP Converts the input expressions to the corresponding timestamp.
UNIX_TIMESTAMP Returns the Unix timestamp for the timestamp parameter.