Date/Time Formatting

Format Element Description Example
AD/BC Era indicator AD, BC
AMPM Meridian indicator AM, PM
CC Century indicator (0-99) 19
WW Week of year (0-52) 4, 43
D Day of week (1-7) 6
DY Abbreviated day name of week Tue, Fri
DAY Full day name of week Tuesday, Friday
YYYY Four digits of year 1996
YY Last two digits of year 96
DDD Day of year (1-366) 5, 245
MM Month (1-12) 8
MON Abbreviated month name Mar, Oct
MONTH Full month name March, October
DD Day of month (1-31) 24
HH/HH12 Hour of day (1-12) 4
HH24 Hour of day (0-23) 21
MI Minutes (0-59) 22
SS Seconds (0-59) 54
FFF Milliseconds 121
TZD Timezone abbreviation UTC, PST
TZO Timezone offset +02:00, -0800

Only the following characters are allowed in a format pattern: - / , . ; :. If you need to let a value pass through to the output unmodified you can surround it with " (for example "T").

If you convert a date to text, numeric values are zero padded for you. For example, MM returns 04 for April.