Microsoft SQL Server Data Types

Dremio supports selecting the following SQL Server Database types. The following table shows the mappings from SQL Server to Dremio data types.

Note: If a type is not present in the table, it is not currently supported.

SQL Server Database Type Dremio Type
bigint identity bigint
bigint bigint
binary varbinary
bit boolean
char varchar
date date
datetime timestamp
datetime2 timestamp
decimal() identity decimal (as of 4.0)
float double
image varbinary
int identity integer
int integer
money double
nchar varchar
ntext varchar
numeric decimal (as of 4.0)
numeric() identity decimal (as of 4.0)
nvarchar varchar
real float
smalldatetime timestamp
smallint identity integer
smallint integer
smallmoney double
sysname varchar
text varchar
time time
tinyint identity integer
tinyint integer
uniqueidentifier varbinary
varbinary varbinary
varchar varchar
xml varchar