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    Categories: String


    Removes leading, trailing, or both spaces or characters from a string


    TRIM(LEADING or TRAILING or BOTH expression varchar FROM trim_expression varchar) → varchar

    • expression: The expression to be trimmed
    • trim_expression: The characters to trim


    SELECT TRIM('    pancake    ')
    -- pancake
    SELECT TRIM(leading 'pan' from 'pancake')
    -- cake
    SELECT TRIM(trailing 'cake' from 'pancake')
    -- pan
    SELECT TRIM(both 'pan' from 'pancake pan')
    -- cake
    SELECT TRIM('pan' from 'pancake pan')
    -- cake

    Usage Notes

    If you do not specify a keyword before expression, it defaults to BOTH. If you do not specify trim_expression, it defaults to a space. Organizations using Oracle will always receive a NULL return if this function is used with an empty string.