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    Edit a Reflection

    This API updates the specific reflection assigned the specified ID by Dremio.

    See “Reflection and Reflection-Summary Objects” for the structure and descriptions of the fields of reflection objects.


    PUT /api/v3/reflection/{id}

    Request Input

    The request body must include a reflection object that excludes the canView and canAlter fields. It is recommended that you first perform a GET to get the reflection object for the reflection that you want to edit. Then, remove the canView and canAlter fields. Finally, in this modified reflection object, change the values of the fields that you want to edit.

    Response Output

    Dremio returns a complete reflection object that includes the changes.


    Response Codes

    400 - invalid configuration provided.
    403 - user does not have permission to edit the reflection (has to be an administrator).
    404 - a reflection with the specified ID could not be found.