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    REST API Overview

    The Dremio REST API is organized by resource types such as sources and is designed around RESTful principles. HTTP GET is used to retrieve existing resources, POST creates new ones, PUT updates them and DELETE removes them.

    Base URL

    All API URLs referenced in this documentation have the following base URL unless otherwise specified:


    Versions prior to v3 are considered internal and subject to change without version bumps.

    In this documentation, curly braces ({}) are used to indicate sections of URLs where you have to supply a value. For example:



    The Dremio REST API uses a token based authentication system.

    To generate an authentication token, send a POST request to (note the different base URL, we are using an older API right now for logging in):


    with the following input body:

      "userName": "dremio",
      "password": "dremio123"

    This will return a JSON user structure which contains a token property:

      "token": "tokenstring"

    When calling REST API endpoints, the request needs to have an Authorization header set to _dremio{tokenstring}.


    Error messages will be sent back in the response body using the following format:

      "errorMessage": "brief error message",
      "moreInfo": "detailed error message"