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    Deny Nodes

    Use this API to deny nodes.


    Only an admin can call this API and ensure that you have admin privileges.


    Method and URL
    POST /api/v3/nodeCollections/blacklist

    Request Parameters

    hostIt is a mandatory parameter, which denotes a comma-separated list of URLs of nodes that you want to deny along with the URLs of the denied nodes (if any). You must add the existing denied nodes as calling this API allows the denied nodes if they are not added in the current API call.

    Request Example

    Example request
    curl -X POST \
      http://localhost:9047/api/v3/blacklist \
      -H 'Authorization: "<$AuthToken>" \
      -d {"host":"<URL of the node1>,<URL of the node 2>,...,<URL of the node n>"}


    Example response