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    Invalidate LDAP User Cache API

    Dremio v15.0+ provides the /api/v3/cache/authorization/{USER-NAME} API to invalidate the authorization of a single user or all users in the LDAP user cache. If no username is provided, Dremio invalidates the authorization for all users in the cache. You must be a Dremio administrator to successfully call this API. Group names are not yet supported.


    Request syntax
    curl -X DELETE http://{DREMIO-HOST}/api/v3/cache/authorization/{USER-NAME} -H "Authorization:_dremio{auth-token}" -H "Accept:application/json"

    {USER-NAME} may contain one username or be left blank to query all users in the LDAP user cache.

    Example Request

    Example request
    curl -X DELETE http://{DREMIO-HOST}/api/v3/cache/authorization/{jsmith} -H "Authorization:_dremio{auth-token}" -H "Accept:application/json"

    Example Response

    Example response
      "status": "204",
      "description": "no content",
      "statusChanged": "deleted"