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    View the Graph Information of a Catalog

    Enterprise Edition only

    Introduced in Dremio 4.0.0.

    This API retrieves graph information about a specific catalog entity (source, space, folder, file or dataset) using its ID. Child information (if applicable) of the catalog entity are also retrieved.

    Enterprise Edition only

    Available as of Dremio 4.0.0**


    GET /api/v3/catalog/{id}/graph

    where {id} must be the Dataset ID.

    Response Output

        sources: [CatalogEntity],
        parents: [CatalogEntity],
        children [CatalogEntity],
    • Sources - List of Catalog entities representing the sources that the dataset uses.
    • Parents - List of Catalog entities representing the direct parents of the dataset.
      For example, if a VDS is a join of two other datasets, the parents are those two datasets being joined.
    • Children - List of Catalog entities representing any other datasets that reference this dataset. May be not present if there are no children.

    Catalog Entity

    The CatalogEntity is one of the following:

    Response Codes

    403 - User does not have permission to view the catalog entity.
    404 - A catalog entity with the specified ID could not be found.