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    Represents a dataset in Dremio. All datasets returned by the REST API have an entityType of dataset.

    Dataset Parameters

    The JSON representation of a dataset looks like this:

      "entityType": "dataset" [immutable after creation],
      "id": String [immutable, generated by Dremio],
      "path": [String] [immutable after creation],
      "tag": String [immutable, generated by Dremio],
      "type": String ["PHYSICAL_DATASET", "VIRTUAL_DATASET"] [immutable],
      "fields": [DatasetField] [immutable],
      "createdAt": String (RFC3339 date) [immutable, generated by Dremio],
      "accelerationRefreshPolicy": DatasetAccelerationRefreshPolicy [optional, only for physical datasets in a source],
      "sql": String [optional, required for virtual datasets],
      "sqlContext": [String] [optional, only for virtual datasets],
      "format": DatasetFormat [optional, required for promoted datasets],
      "approximateStatisticsAllowed": Boolean [optional, introduced in Dremio 2.1.0]
    idStringDataset ID. Generated by Dremio, immutable.
    path[String]Dataset path. Immutable after creation.
    tagStringIdentifies the instance, changed each time it is modified. Generated by Dremio, immutable.
    typeStringThe dataset type, must be either PHYSICAL_DATASET or VIRTUAL_DATASET. Immutable after creation.
    fields[DatasetField]The dataset fields representing the schema of the dataset. Immutable.
    createdAtStringRFC3339 date (example: 2017-10-27T21:08:22.858Z) representing the creation datetime. Immutable.
    accelerationRefreshPolicyDatasetAccelerationRefreshPolicyRepresents the acceleration refresh policy for the dataset. Applies only to physical datasets that exist in a source.
    sqlStringThe sql for the dataset, applies only to virtual datasets and required for them.
    sqlContext[String]The context for the sql, applies only to virtual datasets and is optional.
    formatDatasetFormatThe dataset format configuration, applies only to promoted physical datasets and is required.
    approximateStatisticsAllowedBooleanWhen set, count distinct queries will return approximate results.

    Fields Parameter

    Represents a dataset field’s schema in Dremio.

    The JSON representation of a field looks like this:

      "name": String - the field name,
      "type": {
        "subSchema": [DatasetField] [optional],
        "precision": Number [optional],
        "scale": Number [optional]

    For complex types (LIST, STRUCT, UNION), subSchema will provide a list of DatasetField representing the composition. For example, UNION will have a subSchema which represents all the primitive types that have been detected.

    For DECIMAL type, precision/scale are provided.

    AccelerationRefreshPolicy Parameter

    Represents the dataset acceleration refresh policy for a dataset.

      "refreshPeriodMs": Number,
      "gracePeriodMs": Number,
      "method": String ["FULL", "INCREMENTAL"],
      "refreshField": String [optional],
      "accelerationNeverExpire": Boolean,
      "accelerationNeverRefresh": Boolean
    refreshPeriodMsNumberHow often (in milliseconds) to refresh all reflections on the dataset.
    gracePeriodMsNumberHow old (in milliseconds) data in a reflection can be and still be used for accelerating queries.
    methodStringFor every refresh, either a FULL or an INCREMENTAL (only works in certain cases, please see docs) update.
    refreshFieldStringFor certain datasets, a refreshField can be set if method is INCREMENTAL.
    accelerationNeverExpireBooleanControls whether the reflection is able to expire.
    accelerationNeverRefreshBooleanControls whether the reflection regularly refreshes.

    Format Parameter

    Folders/files can be promoted to physical datasets by applying a format. When applying a dataset format to a folder, all files in that folder should conform to the selected type.

    Text (delimited)

    Applies to text files with delimiters (CSV, TSV, etc).

      "type": "Text",
      "fieldDelimiter": String,
      "lineDelimiter": String,
      "quote": String,
      "comment": String,
      "escape": String,
      "skipFirstLine": Boolean,
      "extractHeader": Boolean,
      "trimHeader": Boolean,
      "autoGenerateColumnNames": Boolean


      "type": "JSON"


      "type": "Parquet"


      "type": "Excel",
      "sheetName": String,
      "extractHeader": Boolean,
      "hasMergedCells": Boolean


      "type": "XLS",
      "sheetName": String,
      "extractHeader": Boolean,
      "hasMergedCells": Boolean