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    Dremio ODBC Driver 1.5.4 Release Notes

    Enhancements & New Features

    Dremio ODBC Connector now supports TLS SNI.

    Updated protobuf library
    The connector now uses version 3.11.1 of protobuf.

    Known Issues

    The following are known issues that you may encounter due to limitations in the data source, the connector, or an application.

    The connector shows null for missing columns.
    If the column values are missing in the first batch of records, the connector is unable to determine the data type of the column.

    As a workaround, do one of the following:

    • Create a view and cast the missing column to the required data type.
    • Explicitly cast the missing column.

    In some cases, iODBCTest does not handle SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO correctly.
    SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO causes iODBCTest to stop retrieving data if the data is one of the following:

    • Data where the schema has changed
    • HBase tables that span multiple regions

    This issue does not occur in other applications.

    Microsoft Excel does not allow reserved keywords to be used as column names.
    As a workaround, do one of the following:

    • Create a SQL view using non-reserved keywords as column names.
    • In the Data Connection Wizard in Excel, before retrieving the data, modify the SQL query to add back quotes (`) around the column name.
    • Use Microsoft Query to retrieve non-problematic columns and then modify the query to add the columns with the reserved names, surrounding the new column names in back quotes (`).

    On macOS, Microsoft Query does not use schemas when executing queries in the Query View.
    As a workaround, specify a default schema in the DSN configuration. However, when working in the Query View, you can only query tables that have the specified schema.

    As an alternative workaround, you can write the queries manually and execute them in the SQL View.

    On macOS, the Query View in Microsoft Query shows tables but not views.
    The macOS version of the connector automatically casts view types into table types for SQLTables calls.

    Microsoft SQL Server Linked Server compares metadata from SQLPrepare with metadata from the actual query execution, causing mismatches.
    When working with views from SELECT * queries, DFS files, and HBase tables, the column metadata from Drill reports the data type to be ANY. As a result, the metadata will not match and queries will fail.

    As a workaround, create views and explicitly state column types. This issue does not occur with views where the column types are specified.

    Microsoft Query does not call SQLDoCloseCursor() or SQLFreeStmt() when executing subsequent queries.
    As a result of this issue, resources from the previous query are not cleaned up, which may lead to “out of memory” errors if many queries are executed.

    Parameterized queries are not supported.
    You cannot use queries that contain parameters.

    The Windows version of the connector returns an error when connecting to a local ZooKeeper quorum.
    To resolve this issue, add the IP address of the ZooKeeper quorum to the Windows hosts file. The connector will be able to connect to the local ZooKeeper quorum successfully.

    The Disable ASYNC option affects all DSNs.
    Using the Disable ASYNC option disables asynchronous operation for all DSNs.