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    4.2 Release Notes

    What’s New

    AWS Edition

    Dremio AWS Edition is a new Dremio edition available through the AWS Marketplace, and includes Elastic Engines which is the ability to run multiple separate execution engines for different workloads with auto start and stop capabilities.

    Other Enhancements

    Enhance log message when C3 is unable to write data Add information about free space in addition to consumed space in log messages associated with C3 out of space condition.

    Classpath directories have been added to customize inclusions for Hive2 and Hive3 configuration, etc separately via the plugins/connectors/[hive2.d|hive3.d|hive2-ee.d|hive3-ee.d] directory. Users must upgrade their configuration to impact the classpath/configuration for these plugins.

    (EE) Add new dremio-admin delete-all-users command This allows a system to be cleaned for transition between different authentication schemes. (For example moving from LDAP to internal or vice-versa.)

    Provisioning has been changed to Elastic engines in the adminsitrative part of the product.

    Node activity operations are no longer using normal query paths. This improves response time on heavily loaded systems and adds support for seeing data when not all nodes are responsive.

    Improve performance of Parquet filter operations when working double predicates are applied against float fields.

    Add support for ALTER TABLE SET command to set PDS level settings. Add support for optionally forcing coercion/truncation for all Hive VARCHAR fields according to table definition.

    Add reporting of MongoDB data size when receiving data from MongoDB.

    Optimize like operations that use a contains pattern when being evaluated in Gandiva (performance improvement).

    Implement support for casting BIGINT to INTERVAL DAY in Gandiva

    Fixed Issues in 4.2.0

    S3 Clients not closed on creation + delete of source Fixed by ensuring connections are closed on source deletion.

    Skip delegation in cases where last VDS editor no longer exists. In cases where the most recent VDS editor is delete from the system, users were unable to leverage those VDS without re-saving them. Updated Dremio to skip delegation of user identity to invalid users.

    Error: Inconsistent row count in Parquet reader Fix issues around schema change handling within Parquet reader.

    Incorrect number of uploaded files reported after restore Correct uploaded files accounting.

    Error: Failed to read data from Orc file Address issue where data is read correctly for certain array/list fields.

    Ranger audit connections are not closed in all cases Update Hive plugins to classload isolate and shutdown when source is closed.

    Dremio incorrectly displays very old dates Update handling of datess before 1582-10-15.

    JDBC Driver returns incorrect value when connecting with invalid password Updated invalid password handling in JDBC driver to return SQLState of 28000.

    Yarn container may fail to shutdown when application throws an exception while exiting Update error handling to avoid deadlock in shutdown.

    Postgres & MySQL does not return expected type for LEFT and RIGHT operations in some cases Updated pushdown rules to ensure cast to correct type.

    Issue where some formst of aggregate sums against decimal data read garbage data for invalid values Ensure validity verification before reading values

    Postgres pushdown sign operation errors when working with DECIMAL(38,38) Updated type handling to correctly represent SIGN behavior.

    500 errors when adding sources under certain conditions Fixed a situation where error messages are hidden by empty values.

    NullPointerException occurs when trying to use E() operation for some RDBMS sources Update handling to correctly handle niladic functions.

    Trig functions for relational sources fail in some situations unexpectedly Update handling for COT, CBRT, ACOS, ASIN for improved pushdowns into relational sources including Oracle.

    Exception when accessing sys.reflections table in rare circumstances Correct handling of situations where reflections don’t have expiration times.

    Problems accessing JSONB field types in Postgres Avoid using collate clause for JSONB fields when pushing down operations.

    CTAS on a S3 source with a root path specified fails with Creating buckets is not supported
    Fixed to correctly resolve the namespace to resolve the path correctly

    Outdated AWS SDK version 2
    Updated AWS SDK to version 2.10.56

    4.2.1 Release Notes

    Fixed Issues in 4.2.1

    Search fails when matching deleted datasets Fixed by better managing cleanup and consistency behavior within dataset search.

    4.2.2 Release Notes

    Fixed Issues in 4.2.2

    Unable to login to Dremio due to LDAP referral group
    Updated to allow users to login even if they are a member of a referral group

    Distributed Storage folders are not viewable on ADLS Gen2 - no continuation key
    Fixed by supporting ADLS continuation key when multiple API calls are required to retrieve a large number of files