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    14.0.0 (Dremio February 2021) Release Notes

    What’s New

    Delta Lake Data Format

    Dremio 14.0.0 provides read-only support for the Delta Lake data format. The feature is disabled by default. To enable the feature, set the dremio.deltalake.enabled support key to true. See Support Keys for instructions on setting support keys.

    Improved Query Planning

    Dremio 14.0.0 improves the performance of query planning with an updated expression reduction rule.

    JDBC Driver 14.0.0

    Dremio 14.0.0 provides an updated version of the Dremio JDBC driver.

    Other Enhancements

    Dremio 14.0.0 improves the performance of data displayed on the Cluster Usage Data tab of the About Dremio modal.

    Dremio 14.0.0 enhances query performance by pruning UNION SQL statements more efficiently.

    Dremio 14.0.0 provides more meaningful error messages for compilation errors when connecting with ODBC and loading tables with union-type columns.

    Fixed Issues in 14.0.0

    Dremio server log contains many instances of the following error: ‘ERROR o.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.io.AcidUtils - Failed to get files with ID …’
    Resolved by setting hive.orc.splits.include.fileid to false for Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 1 and Azure Storage data sources.

    Gandiva-based execution of queries using the ROUND SQL function return incorrect results
    Fixed logic in the ROUND SQL function to return positive zero when passing zero as an argument.

    Dremio 12.0.0 accelerates queries with reflections that contain unqueried columns
    Resolved by fixing the logic for reflection matching and refreshing reflections.

    Gandiva-based execution fails with the following error: SYSTEM ERROR: GandivaException: divide by zero error
    Fixed by not pushing down division expressions in a CASE statement.

    Dremio AWS Edition 12.1 fails with the following error when using the LTRIM SQL function: com.dremio.common.exceptions.UserException: Invalid number of arguments
    Fixed by adding filters for the LTRIM and RTRIM SQL functions.

    Dremio does not detect files deleted from Amazon S3 data sources
    Resolved by identifying stale metadata during a refresh and trying the query again after refreshing the metadata.

    Dremio fails with the following error when refeshing metadata: SYSTEM ERROR: TimeoutException: Waited 60000 milliseconds (plus 125149 nanoseconds delay) for com.google.common.util.concurrent.SettableFuture@58dd3396[status=PENDING]
    Fixed by suppressing the use of a custom logger.

    When running a query, the Dremio UI indicates that the job type is a preview
    Resolved by updating logic for the run status of Dremio jobs.

    Dremio UI unable to open results from a query
    Fixed path used by Open Results on the Job page.

    Dremio fails with a NullPointerException when loading the JDBC driver in BusinessObjects
    Resolved by not using the context class loader for the current thread.

    14.1.0 Release Notes (Enterprise Edition Only)

    Other Enhancements

    Dremio 14.1.0 provides an exec.disabled.gandiva-functions support key that evaluates a semicolon-separated list ofGandiva functions with Java rather than Gandiva. The default value is empty. See Support Keys for more information and instructions on setting a support key.

    14.2.0 Release Notes

    Other Enhancements

    Dremio 14.2.0 performs runtime filtering on UNION and AGGREGATE statements between the query scan and a JOIN statement.

    Fixed Issues in 14.2.0

    Dremio cancels query: SCHEMA_CHANGE ERROR: New schema found. Please reattempt the query. Multiple attempts may be necessary to fully learn the schema.
    Fixed the schema change error sometimes encountered when reading Delta Lake tables.

    Dremio fails with java.lang.IllegalStateException: Illegal Deltalake checkpoint parquet file with no row groups
    Resolved by handling case where a Delta Lake table is missing a stats file.

    Dremio incorrectly interprets correlated query with an ON clause
    Dremio does not support correlated queries in an ON clause.

    14.3.0 Release Notes (Enterprise Edition Only)

    Fixed Issues in 14.3.0

    Dremio ignores runtime filter messages that arrive before fragment initialization is complete
    Resolved by waiting until fragment initialization is complete before processing runtime filter messages.

    Dremio does not apply runtime filtering when the query plan includes the aggregate relational operator
    Fixed by removing checks on runtime filtering that were too restrictive.

    14.4.0 Release Notes (Enterprise Edition Only)

    Other Enhancements

    Dremio 14.4.0 provides a useSystemTrustStore property to the Dremio JDBC driver. This property bypasses trustStoreType and automatically selects the correct Truststore based on the operating system. See JDBC Parameters for Dremio Wire Encryption for more information.

    Fixed Issues in 14.4.0

    Dremio fails to promote Delta Lake table with error: “path should be a non-empty string”
    Fixed by resetting value vectors after reading a delta checkpoint.