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    13.0.0 (Dremio January 2021) Release Notes


    Dremio 13.0.0 deprecates the legacy authentication mode for the Arrow Flight server endpoint and will remove it in a future release.

    Other Enhancements

    • Dremio 13.0.0 improves platform stability by limiting the number of concurrent refreshes of metadata.
    • Dremio 13.0.0 enhances security by limiting the resource scope and lifetime of authentication tokens sent with the query parameters for operations that redirect users to a resource, such as generating a job profile, downloading a dataset, and downloading a query support bundle. By default, the temporary tokens live for 5 minutes. See Support Keys for instructions on configuring the token.temporary.expiration.sec support key.

    Fixed Issues in 13.0.0

    Calcite bug affects query performance
    Fixed by trimming queries below a distinct UNION statement.

    Dremio helm chart fails with error: unable to build kubernetes objects from release manifest
    Resolved issue where annotations and labels could not be applied to certain resources.

    13.1.0 Release Notes

    Other Enhancements

    • Dremio 13.1.0 improves memory management of executor nodes by cancelling non-active queries.

    Fixed Issues in 13.1.0

    GROUP BY operator with large IN clause returns incorrect query results
    Resolved by enforcing the singleton design pattern on the VALUES operator.

    Unable to open a job profile and download dataset in AWS Edition
    Fixed by supporting temporary authentication tokens in AWS Edition.

    Dremio fails with OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space error
    Resolved by limiting the number of deferred exceptions.

    13.2.0 Release Notes

    Fixed Issues in 13.2.0

    Nested COALESCE SQL functions return incorrect query results in Gandiva
    Fixed by correcting execution of IF ... ELSE statements in Gandiva-based execution.