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    11.0.0 (Dremio November 2020) Release Notes

    What’s New

    Custom Projects in AWS Editon

    Dremio AWS Edition allows Dremio administrators to create custom projects that include customer-provided EBS volumes, EFS, and S3 buckets.

    Preview: Vectorized Reader for Parquet-formatted Datasets

    Dremio provides a vectorized reader for simple and complex types in Parquet-formatted datasets. Contact Dremio Customer Support to enable this feature.

    Preview: Multiple Pushdown Filters for Parquet-formatted Datasets

    Dremio supports pushing down multiple filters into Parquet-formatted datasets. Contact Dremio Customer Support to enable this feature.

    Release Notes for Dremio JDBC Driver

    Beginning with version 11.0.0, Dremio now provides release notes for the Dremio JDBC driver.

    Other Enhancements

    • Dremio supports pushing down IN filters in Parquet-formatted datasets.
    • Dremio JDBC driver 11.0.0 supports TLS SNI.
    • Clarified error message regarding mismatched version tags when attempting to delete a Dremio object with the REST API.
    • Improved error messages for dremio-admin CLI tool.
    • 11.0.0 supports the following new functionality for Gandiva-based execution:
      • The Gandiva round() function now supports float and double data types.
      • Gandiva now supports the binary_string and split_part functions.


    Dremio 11.0.0 deprecates legacy mode for relational and ARP-based (Advanced Relational Pushdown) external data sources.

    Fixed Issues in 11.0.0

    Dremio doesn’t read new files inserted into an external reflection until either restarting Dremio or the coordinator node
    Fixed by invalidating the external reflection cache if tableRel has new data.

    The Gandiva round() function doesn’t support passing a single argument

    The Upload query profiles to Dremio Support toggles in the Support Access pane of the Support page do nothing
    Resolved by removing the toggles from the administrative user interface.

    Unable to access ADLS Gen2 datasources after upgrading
    Fixed by reverting path access check on Azure storage plugin.

    Restore command for admin-cli version 4.7.2 fails if data exceeds SQL column length of 32k bytes
    Resolved by truncating the sql to 30k bytes while writing the Lucene index.

    11.1 Release Notes

    Fixed Issues in 11.1 (AWS Edition Only)

    Dremio fails with UserException: Failed to decode column
    Resolved by addressing an IndexOutOfBounds exception in DeltaColumnReader.

    Dremio throws SYSTEM ERROR: AssertionError exception while creating or replacing virtual datasets
    Fixed by adding missing array type field information to view FieldType.