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    You can deploy Dremio on your Windows machine for testing purposes using the Dremio Windows installer. Dremio Windows installer supports Windows 7 and Windows 10.



    Dremio supports Windows 7+. AVX2 instruction set support is required.

    Java Development Kit

    Dremio requires the 64-bit Java Development Kit version 1.8. You can check to see if your instance has Java installed (and which version) by going to Programs > Java and selecting “About Java”.

    You can download the latest version of Java JDK here.


    Dremio Windows app is pre-configured to use a maximum 2GB of heap memory and 4GB of direct memory.

    The Dremio UI works best with the following browsers:

    • Google Chrome 54+
    • Apple Safari 11+ (experimental)
    • Mozilla Firefox 50+
    • Microsoft Edge 14+
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11+

    Install and Start Dremio

    1. Install Dremio using the installer.
    2. Start Dremio from the Start Menu.
    3. You can now navigate to the Dremio UI at http://localhost:9047.

    Tutorials & Resources

    Here are some tutorials and resources to get started.