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    You can deploy Dremio on your Mac for testing purposes using the Dremio macOS app.


    MacOSDremio supports MacOS 10.12+
    Java Development Kit64-bit Java Development Kit version 1.8

    Check to see if your instance has Java installed (and which version) through your System Preferences panel.
    Download the latest version of Java SE.
    MemoryDremio macOS app is pre-configured to use a maximum 2GB of heap memory and 4GB of direct memory.
    BrowsersThe Dremio UI works best with the following browsers:

    * Google Chrome 54+
    * Apple Safari 11+ (experimental)
    * Mozilla Firefox 50+
    * Microsoft Edge 14+
    * Microsoft Internet Explorer 11+

    Install and Start Dremio

    1. Install Dremio for Mac using the .dmg package.
    2. Launch Dremio from Applications. This automatically starts Dremio.
    3. You can now navigate to the Dremio UI at http://localhost:9047.

    Shutting down this application automatically stops Dremio.

    Tutorials & Resources

    To get started, see tutorials and resources.