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    This section describes the key components of how datasets are used in Dremio.

    Dremio enables users to discover, curate, accelerate, and share their data, all without being dependent on IT.

    For SQL commands related to datasets, see SQL Commands for Virtual Datasets.

    Viewing the Metadata of a Dataset

    Wherever a dataset is referenced in Dremio, you can view a metadata card with details about the dataset.

    To view the metadata, hover over a dataset to see a metadata card appear with details about the dataset. The components of the metadata card are described below.

    This screenshot is displaying the metadata card.
    Location Description
    1 Icon represents the dataset format as a table or a view .
    2 Card title displays the dataset name.
    3 Click the SQL Runner icon to query the dataset on the SQL Runner page.
    4 Click the Datasets icon to open the dataset on the Datasets page.
    5 The path of the dataset shows where the dataset is located.
    6 Jobs: Shows the number of jobs run on the dataset, which links to the Jobs page.
    7 Descendants: Represents the number of views that are created from the dataset.
    8 Columns: Displays the number of columns in the dataset, including the name and data type of each column. The icons represent the following data types: text, integer, float, date, and time. Columns with partitions (if any) have a separate partition icon. See Data Types for more information.