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    Example: Number of Rows

    This example determines the number of rows that were projected by each operator.

    To find out how many rows were projected by each operator at the major fragment level:

    1. Upload your profile_attempt_0.json or you can use the sample profile_attempt_0.json file. See Uploading Profile Data for upload instructions.
    2. Create a file called operator_type.json and add the sample field values in Example: Operator Type Mapping to the file.
    3. Upload the operator type JSON file.
    4. Using a SQL query, obtain the number of rows projected. Group by majorFragmentId, operatorId, op_type.name and order by majorFragmentId, operatorId.

    The following is a sample SQL query snippet for obtaining the number of rows projected by the operator. The results are grouped/ordered by MAJOR FRAGMENT, OPERATOR_ID.
    This information is very useful when trying to troubleshoot incorrect results.

    Get number of rows projected by operator
    SELECT majorFragmentId, operatorId, op_type.name, sum(records) records
    -- minorFragmentId, nested_4.minorFragmentProfile.maxMemoryUsed AS maxMemoryUsed, nested_4.minorFragmentProfile.memoryUsed AS memoryUsed, nested_4.endpoint.address AS address, nested_4.endpoint.maxDirectMemory AS maxDirectMemory
    FROM (
      SELECT minorFragmentProfile, nested_3.minorFragmentProfile.endpoint AS endpoint, minorFragmentId, operatorType, operatorId, nested_3.inputProfile.records AS records, majorFragmentId
      FROM (
        SELECT minorFragmentProfile, nested_2.minorFragmentProfile.minorFragmentId AS minorFragmentId, operatorProfile, nested_2.operatorProfile.operatorType AS operatorType, nested_2.operatorProfile.operatorId AS operatorId, flatten(nested_2.operatorProfile.inputProfile) AS inputProfile, majorFragmentId
        FROM (
          SELECT fragmentProfile, minorFragmentProfile, flatten(nested_1.minorFragmentProfile.operatorProfile) AS operatorProfile, majorFragmentId
          FROM (
            SELECT fragmentProfile, flatten(nested_0.fragmentProfile.minorFragmentProfile) AS minorFragmentProfile, nested_0.fragmentProfile.majorFragmentId AS majorFragmentId
            FROM (
              SELECT flatten(fragmentProfile) AS fragmentProfile
              FROM "@dremio"."profile_attempt_0" AS "profile_attempt_0"
            ) nested_0
          ) nested_1
        ) nested_2
      ) nested_3
    ) nested_4, "@dremio".operator_type op_type
    where nested_4.operatorType = op_type.id
    group by majorFragmentId, operatorId, op_type.name
    order by majorFragmentId, operatorId