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    Job Details

    This topic provides detailed job information.

    Job detailed information includes:

    • Plan data - planning and enqueued time
    • Read data
    • Process data - execution time and top operations
    • Return data - wait on client, number of records, and data volume

    Job Results

    A new systems table, sys.job_results, has been added that allows you to query the job results using the sys.job_result.<job id> path. This allows you to use jobs to query the sub-schema instead of re-running the original query. However, query results using this method will not show job details. Job details will only display from the Dremio UI, as shown in the image below.

    This table can be queried if the job is complete and the end user has access to the data. For example:
    select * from sys.job_results."226c41ee-fced-8f23-b030-99b5c5fa8900"
    returns the results of the job, 226c41ee-fced-8f23-b030-99b5c5fa8900. You must include quotation marks (") before and after the job number.

    This image shows an example of the Job Details screen.

    The Generate Query Support Bundle button appears only on YARN-based Dremio deployments.