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    Installing and Upgrading

    Installation and upgrading instructions are specific to either RPM or Tarball packages.

    For information about installing or upgrading, see:

    12.0.0 Upgrade Notes

    Enabling Legacy Authentication Mode for Flight Server Endpoint

    By default, Dremio 12.0.0 enables arrow.flight.auth2 authentication mode. However, the endpoint continues to support the legacy authentication mode from earlier Dremio versions. Dremio administraters may configure the Dremio 12.0.0 server endpoint to use the legacy authentication mode for backward compatibility with earlier Flight client applications.

    To enable legacy authentication mode:

    1. Add a services.flight.auth.mode statement to your dremio.conf configuration file with a value of legacy.arrow.flight.auth:
    services: {
      coordinator.enabled: true,
      coordinator.master.enabled: true,
      executor.enabled: true,
      flight: {
        enabled: true,
        port: 32010,
        auth.mode: "legacy.arrow.flight.auth"
    1. Restart Dremio.