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    Distributed Storage

    The distributed storage cache location contains accelerator, tables, job results, downloads, upload data, and scratch data.

    The location is specified with the paths.dist property in the dremio.conf file. In addition, this property must be the same across all nodes in the cluster. This means that if local storage or NAS is used, the configured path must exist on, or be accessible from, all nodes. If the value of this property is changed, then it must be updated in the dremio.conf file on all nodes in the Dremio cluster. By default Dremio uses the disk space on local Dremio nodes.

    The following table shows which stores are supported:

    Store Supported?
    NAS Yes
    HDFS Yes
    MapR-FS Yes
    Amazon S3 Yes
    Azure Data Lake Store (ADLS Gen1) Yes
    Azure Storage (ADLS Gen2) Yes

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