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    Amazon Quickstart


    AWS Cloudformation templates were previously provided for testing and evaluation purposes only. They have been deprecated and will be replaced by an upcoming AWS Marketplace listing. Existing Cloudformation deployments will continue to function however it is recommended that the Marketplace listing is used for testing and evaluation once it is available.

    This topic provides a quickstart for deploying Dremio on Amazon AWS Cloudformation.



    • AWS account

    • AWS Keypair

    • Permission to create security groups

    • (Optional) VPC and subnet for non-default VPC and subnet

    1. Click Evaluate via AWS Cloudformation.
    2. Log in using your AWS account.
    3. Configure and create the stack deployment. See Deploying Dremio on AWS.
    4. Once deployment is complete, go to the Output tab and click on the Dremio UI link to launch Dremio.
    5. Register with Dremio and login.

    See Amazon AWS Cloudformation for more details on setting up and deploying Dremio on Amazon AWS Cloudformation.