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    Deploying Dremio on AWS

    You must have the following before deploying the AWS Edition of Dremio:


    By completing this process you will be launching a paid EC2 instance that will be the coordinator node for Dremio.

    To deploy Dremio on AWS:

    1. Log in to AWS with a user with administrative privileges.

    2. Navigate to the free Dremio or the pay-as-you-go Dremio Enterprise listing on the AWS Marketplace.


    If you received a license key from Dremio, please select the Community edition and follow this link to activate enterprise features. Using the Enterprise edition AMI will incur PAYG charges.

    1. Click Continue to Subscribe.

    2. Click Continue to Configuration.

    3. On the Configure this software page, select the AWS region where the stack will reside and click Continue to Launch.

    4. On the Launch this software page, select Launch CloudFormation from Choose Action and click Launch.

    5. On the Create stack page, ignore all settings and click Next.

    6. On the Specify stack details page, enter a stack name and the following configuration parameters for your stack:
      a. In Instance Type, choose the desired EC2 instance size.
      b. In Key Pair, select your EC2 key pair.
      c. In VPC, select your virtual private network.
      d. In Subnet, select a subnet of the selected VPN.
      e. In Allowed IP Range, provide an IP range in CIDR format that is allowed to access your Dremio deployment.

    7. (Optional) Provide an instance profile name or ARN in Instance Profile if you want to override the default profile created by the CloudFormation template.

    8. (Optional) Provide an IAM security group in Security Group if you want to override the default security group created by the CloudFormation template.

    9. Click Next.

    10. On the Configure stack options page, ignore all settings and click Next.

    11. On the Review page, verify your selections, check I acknowledge that AWS CloudFormation might create IAM resources., then click Create stack.

    12. When CloudFormation finishes creating your stack, click Outputs.

    13. Click the URL beside DremioPublicEndpoint to access your Dremio deployment.

    14. On the Welcome to Dremio page, click Authenticate.

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