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    Create and Open a New Project


    • AWS Account
    • AWS Keypair
    • Permission to create security groups
    • Permission to create IAM Roles
    • (Optional) VPC and subnet for non-default VPC and subnet


    Creating a Dremio Project creates new S3, EFS, and EBS objects that are associated with the project.

    Step 1: Launch Dremio AWS Edition through the AWS Marketplace

    Step 2: Create a Project

    1. Access Dremio through a web browser at https://Instance_Public_DNS.

    2. Customize the Dremio Project, see Create New Project Parameters for details.

    3. Click Create and Launch

    4. Dremio creates resources required for the project within AWS and launches the project, throughout the process messages are displayed describing each action. After the project is created the webpage automatically trasitions to the Project’s sign-up page.
      Launch Project

    Step 3: Complete account signup

    1. Accept the license agreement by clicking I Accept after reading the agreement
    2. Create the first user account

    Step 4: Finished

    The Dremio Project is complete and ready to be used. For more information, see Dremio Tutorials & Resources

    Create New Project Parameters

    Configuration parameters to customize when creating a new Project:

    Parameter Description
    Project Name The name for the Project
    Initial Engine Size The number of nodes for the default engine. You can change it after creating the project. Options are:
    • Small (2 nodes)
    • Medium (4 nodes)
    • Large (8 nodes)
    • XLarge (16 nodes)
    • 2XLarge (32 nodes)
    • 3XLarge (64 nodes)
    • Custom - Customizable size between 1 and 1000 nodes
    Enable Automatic Backups If daily backups should be created automatically
    Engine Node Type (optional) The EC2 Instance type for nodes in the default engine. You can change it after creating the project. Options are:
    • Evaluation (m5d.2xlarge) - General Purpose (8c/32gb)
    • Standard (m5d.8xlarge) - General Purpose (32c/128gb)
    • High Memory (r5d.4xlarge) - Higher memory per node (16c/128gb)
    • High CPU (c5d.18xlarge) - Higher compute per node (72c/144gb)
    • High Cache (i3.4xlarge) - Larger local storage per node (16c/122gb)
    IAM Role (optional) The IAM role the project should assume. If left blank will use the IAM Role from the AWS Marketplace launch.

    See Configuring Project Permisions for additional information on configuring IAM Permissions for a Project