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    Runtime Filtering

    Runtime filtering improves query performance by dynamically applying dimension table filters to joined fact tables. By default, runtime filtering is enabled for partitioned columns and disabled for non-partitioned columns.

    To enable runtime filtering for both partitioned and non-partitioned columns:

    • Enable both the planner.filter.runtime_filter and exec.non_partitioned_parquet.enable_runtime_filter support keys.

    To disable runtime filtering for both partioned and non-partitioned columns:

    • Disable the planner.filter.runtime_filter support key.

    Runtime Filtering Example

    The following query joins multiple partitioned and non-partitioned columns:

    • Partitioned columns: ptcol1, ptcol2
    • Non-partitioned columns: regcol1, regcol2
    Join partitioned and non-partitioned columns
       t1.ptcol1, t1.ptcol2, 
       t1.regcol1, t1.regcol2, 
       t1.othcol, t2.t2col 
    from table1 t1 inner join table2 t2 on 
        (t1.ptcol1 = t2.ptcol1 and t1.ptcol2 = t2.ptcol2 and 
         t1.regcol1 = t2.regcol1 and t1.regcol2 = t2.regcol2)
    where t1.regcol3 = "highly_selective_val";