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    Qlik Sense Desktop


    Dremio Qlik Sense integration requires:

    Creating a Direct Discovery Connection to a Dataset

    To open a dataset in Qlik Sense from within Dremio, you can use the Analyze button in the upper right-hand corner of a dataset view. Just follow these steps:

    1. In Dremio UI, go to a dataset you want to work with and click on the dataset.

    2. Select ‘Qlik Sense’ from the Analyze button’s dropdown menu. Make sure Qlik Sense is running before you click this option.

    3. Dataset is ready to be used in Qlik Sense!

    How does it work?

    When you click the Analyze (Qlik Sense) button, Dremio connects to the running Qlik Sense application and creates an Application that has Dremio pre-configured as a source and the specific dataset selected.

    Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge

    If you use Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge with Dremio, connecting to Qlik Sense may fail due to a local intranet limitation.

    To fix this, open Internet Options (either by searching for it or opening it via the Windows Control Panel) and:

    1. Click on the Security tab
    2. Click on the Local Intranet zone
    3. Click on the Sites button
    4. Make sure that the Automatically detect intranet network checkbox is checked.

    After following these steps Dremio should be able to communicate with Qlik Sense.