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    DbVisualizer is a SQL runner that works with any JDBC-compliant data source.


    Download Dremio JDBC Driver.

    Create a New Driver

    From the Tools menu, select Driver Manager and create a new driver with these settings:

    URL Format (direct)jdbc:dremio:direct=${Server}:${Port|31010}
    URL Format (ZooKeper)jdbc:dremio:zk=${Server}:${Port|2181}
    Driver Classcom.dremio.jdbc.Driver
    Driver File Pathsdremio-jdbc-*version*.jar

    Note that you will need to select the JAR file before you can select the Driver Class from the drop-down menu.

    Create a New Connection

    From the Tools menu, select New Connection Wizard and follow the wizard to create the connection to your Dremio cluster with these settings:

    NameAny name
    Database ServerThe hostname or IP address of any node in the Dremio cluster
    Database Port31010
    Database UseridYour username
    Database PasswordYour password

    Note that you can also create a new connection without using the wizard. The process is very similar, except that you will define the settings on a single window.

    Execute an SQL Query

    From the SQL Commander menu, select New SQL Commander. You can now run your first SQL query.