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    DbVisualizer is a SQL runner that works with any JDBC-compliant data source. You can run SQL from it to explore your data in your data lakes and relational databases through Dremio and the JDBC driver for Arrow Flight SQL.

    Supported Versions

    You can use any version of DbVisualizer, as long as you use Dremio 21 or later.

    Supported Authentication Methods

    You can use your Dremio username and password, or you can use a personal authentication token that you obtained from Dremio.


    Connecting to Dremio

    1. Add the JDBC Driver for Arrow Flight SQL to DbVisualizer’s Driver Manager. You need to do this only once, and can skip this step if DbVisualizer already lists this driver in its Driver Manager dialog:

      a. Select Tools > Driver Manager.

      b. Above the Driver Name list of the Driver Manager dialog, click the plus (+) symbol.

      c. In the Name field, name the driver.

      d. Under Driver artifacts and jar files, click the plus icon, browse to the .jar file that you downloaded, select it, and click Open. DbVisualizer loads the .jar file.

      e. If you are not using TLS encryption for connections to Dremio, turn off encryption:

      1. Click Properties next to Driver Settings.
      2. Click the plus icon to add a new property.
      3. Name the parameter useEncryption and set the value to false.
      4. Click Apply.

      f. Close the Driver Manager dialog.

    2. Create a connection to Dremio:

      a. In the menubar, select Database > Create Database Connection.

      b. Double-click Custom at the bottom of the Driver Name list.

      c. Name the connection.

      d. In the Settings Format field, select Database URL.

      e. Click in the Driver Type field and then double-click the name that you gave to the JDBC driver for Arrow Flight SQL.

      f. In the Database URL field, specify a URL in this format, where host is the hostname of your coordinator node: jdbc:arrow-flight-sql://{host}:32010

      g. In the Database Userid and Database Password fields, specify your authentication credentials:

      • To use a personal access token that you obtained from Dremio:

        1. In the Database Userid field, specify the username for which the PAT was generated.

        2. In the Database Password field, paste your personal access token.

      • To use your Dremio username and password:

        1. In the Database Userid field, specify your username.

        2. In the Database Password field, your password.

      h. If you are not using TLS encryptions for connections to Dremio, click the Properties tab and ensure that the property useEncryption is listed and that the value is false. Then, click the Connection tab.

      f. Click Finish.

    DbVisualizer creates the connection and opens it.


    If you want to use DbVisualizer with the legacy JDBC driver, see the instructions here.