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    Dremio supports a broad range of clients including the following applications:

    ODBC/JDBC Client Encryption

    Transport Layer Security (TLS) communication is supported for encrypting communication between ODBC/JDBC client applications and the Dremio server.

    [warning] Not Supported Notice

    The Microsoft Power BI Desktop client application is not supported.

    To configure Dremio to use TLS for client-server encryption:

    1. Set the keyStore and trustStore properties in the dremio.conf file on all of your Dremio coordinator nodes. See Using Wire Encryption for more information.
    2. Setup and configure the ODBC/JDBC driver for your client application including configuration for Dremio connection along with the OJBC/JDBC parameters for Dremio wire encryption.
      • See Drivers for more information about downloading and installing drivers.
      • See ODBC and JDBC for specific driver information.