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    Alteryx Designer


    Dremio Alteryx Designer integration requires:

    Updating Dremio DSN Configuration for Alteryx Designer

    1. Run the ODBC Data Sources (both 64-bit or 32-bit) Windows application.

    2. Open the System DSN tab, select ‘Dremio Connector,’ and hit the Configure button.

    3. Add the following to the end of the Advanced Properties in Dremio Connector DSN:


    Importing Dremio datasets into Alteryx Designer

    1. Open Alteryx Designer and drag a new Input Data component.

    2. Select New ODBC Connection from the Database Connection dropdown.

    3. Select the Dremio Connector DSN you configured, enter your credentials and hit OK.

    4. You can now browse schemas and tables on Dremio. Select tables or write a custom SQL query.

    5. Dremio datasets are now available in Alteryx.