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    Repair ACLS

    This topic describes the Dremio CLI command, dremio-admin repair-acls which is used to repair access control lists of sources, spaces, and datasets.

    This command identifies and outputs entities that are missing ACLs.


    • All cluster nodes are completely shut down.
    • the repair-acls command is run on the master node.


    Syntax for repair-acls command
    <dremio_home>/bin/dremio-admin repair-acls [options]


    To obtain a list of restore options on the command line:

    Get a list of options for repair-acls command
    ./dremio-admin repair-acls -h
    Output for repair-acls options
        -h, --help
            show usage
        -d, --set-defaults
            if ACLs are missing on entities, set to defaults
            Default: false

    Example: Show Entities with Missing ACLs

    The following example shows 3 entities with missing ACLs.

    Example command for entities with missing ACLs
    ./dremio-admin repair-acls
        Entity with path '[test1, consumer123]' (type: DATASET) is missing an ACL
        Entity with path '[test1, vds112123]' (type: DATASET) is missing an ACL
        Entity with path '[test1, vds1123]' (type: DATASET) is missing an ACL
    Found 3 datasets with no default ACL configured.

    Example: Set Default ACLs

    The following example sets default ACLs for entities that are missing an ACL.

    Example command for setting default ACLs
    ./dremio-admin repair-acls -d