Row Level Permissions

Enterprise Edition only

Version Requirement

The functionality outlined on this page is only used for instances of Dremio v15 and earlier. If you’re using Dremio v16.0+, then please reference the new Access Control functionality.

Creating a Virtual Dataset with Row Level Permissions

By using query_user() or is_member(), a virtual dataset can be setup to allow for selective filtering of rows for different users or groups without having to create multiple datasets.

The following is a sample SQL for a virtual dataset with row-level filtering:

    (state = 'NV' AND query_user() IN ('dave','mike')) 
    (state = 'CA' AND is_member('Marketing'))

is_member() is case-insensitive. Alternatively, is_member(groupname, <case-sensitivity boolean>) can be used with the case-sensitivity flag set to true.