Access Control


This functionality is for Dremio v16.0+ Enterprise Edition only.

Dremio allows for the implementation of granular-level privileges which control a user or group’s access and actions with regard to objects. This functionality is called access control, and enables administrators to manage who has permissions to view or alter specific objects.

The following features are available to control access using Dremio v16.0+:

  • Fine-grained Privileges. Numerous new privileges enable users to perform a wider range of operations in Dremio.
  • Privileges on Objects and Schemas. Privileges may be set on individual datasets or whole schemas, allowing for a simplified configuration with larger catalogs.
  • Flexible Management. Privileges can be easily configured using SQL Commands, REST APIs, and an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface.

The following help topics cover the various aspects of access control, along with instructions for how to apply privileges via Dremio UI, SQL commands, and REST APIs:

If you’re using a version of Dremio earlier than v16.0+, then view the Users, Groups, and Roles page.