POST /user/{id}/token

Creates a personal access token associated with a specific user, based on the user ID.

[info] Enterprise Edition only


POST /api/v3/user/{id}/token

Request Input

  "label": "my-token-description"
  "millisecondsToExpire": <time in milliseconds>


  • label - A description for your token.
  • millisecondsToExpire - Time (milliseconds) for the token to stay in effect. Through the UI, lifetime is in terms of days.

Response Output

Returns the token as a string.


Response codes

404 - User entity not found.

Example: Curl

curl --request POST \
  --url http://localhost:9047/api/v3/user/<uid>/token \
  --header 'authorization: _dremioha5lrg03obu079o4fkaev5e4r8n' \
  -d '{
    "label": "my-token-description",
    "millisecondsToExpire": "604800000"

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