Create a Role

Version Requirement:

This functionality is for Dremio v18.0+ Enterprise Edition only.

This API is used to create a role.

Endpoint Syntax

POST /api/v3/role

Required Privileges

All users executing this Rest API must have the MANAGE GRANTS privilege assigned to receive a response output.

Response Input

{"name":  "test_role1", (required)
 "roles":  [{"id":  "1bce89d1-1b39-4717-bf1f-bfb0d9653146"}], (optional)
 “description”: “description”, (optional)

Response Output

This is the standard response output for the API.

  "id": "aa6d94e6-8cb7-4331-a881-e24945d74ad1",
  "name": "test_role",
  "type": "INTERNAL",
  "roles":  [{"id":  "1bce89d1-1b39-4717-bf1f-bfb0d9653146"}], 
  "memberCount": 2

Response Codes

  • 200 - Success.
  • 400 - Invalid request or duplicate role name.
  • 403 - The user executing the API request lacks the MANAGE GRANTS permission.
  • 404 - The role is not found.


Example: Curl
curl -X POST --location "" \
    -H "Authorization: _dremiopu2916f7aph06aahv4ksu4life" \
    -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
    -H "Accept: application/json" \
    -d "{\"name\":  \"test_role2\", \"roles\":  [{\"id\":  \"1bce89d1-1b39-4717-bf1f-bfb0d9653146\"}], \"members\": [{\"id\": \"aa6d94e6-8cb7-4331-a881-e24945d74ad1\", \"type\":  \"ROLE\"}, {\"id\":  \"c3d5bbd1-d998-4bda-8bd1-5d16707efdd2\", \"type\":  \"USER\"}]}"