View Reflections Summary

Enterprise Edition only

This API retrieves all reflections as a summary.

GET /api/v3/reflection/summary

Response Output

  "data": [

JSON representation of a reflection summary
Represents a summary of a reflection in Dremio. Includes a subset of reflection with some additional dataset information.

  "_type": "reflection-summary" [immutable],
  "id": String [immutable],
  "createdAt": String (RFC3339 date) [immutable],
  "updatedAt": String (RFC3339 date) [immutable],
  "type": String ["AGGREGATION", "RAW"] [immutable],
  "name": String [immutable],
  "datasetId": String [immutable],
  "datasetPath": [String] [immutable],
  "datasetType": String ["PHYSICAL", "VIRTUAL"] [immutable],
  "currentSizeBytes": Number [immutable],
  "totalSizeBytes": Number [immutable],
  "enabled": Boolean [immutable],
  "status": Reflection Status [immutable]

Response Codes

403 - user does not have permission to list reflections (has to be an administrator).