Invalidate LDAP User Cache API

Dremio 15.0.0 provides the /api/v3/cache/authorization{USER-NAME} API to invalidate the authorization for one or more users in the LDAP user cache. If no username is provided, Dremio invalidates the authorization for all users in the cache. You must be a Dremio administrator to successfully call this API.


curl -X DELETE http://{DREMIO-HOST}/api/v3/cache/authorization/{USER-NAME} -H "Authorization:_dremio{auth-token}" -H "Accept:application/json"

{USER-NAME} may contain up to five Dremio usernames.

Example Request

curl -X DELETE http://{DREMIO-HOST}/api/v3/cache/authorization/{jsmith} -H "Authorization:_dremio{auth-token}" -H "Accept:application/json"

Example Response

{'status': '204', 'description': 'no content', 'statusChanged': 'deleted'}