Wiki and Tags

Wikis and Tags are provided for describing, identifying, and displaying data.

  • The Wiki allows you to add a description for a Space (and its datasets) or a Source (and its datasets). The Wiki’s formatting language is a Github-flavored markdown and supported by a rich text editor.
  • Tags allow you to create and assign tags to all datasets. You can search for items based on a tag and click on a tag to start a search based on that specific tag.

See the Describing Data section of Data Curation for more information.


Function Admin User with Edit ACL User with Read ACL
Wiki edit edit read
Tags create/delete create/delete read

Catalog APIs

The Catalog API allows you to create and retrieve Tag and Wiki catalog entities. See the following topics for more details.


One entry per catalog entity that stores all the tags. Storing each tag separately does not have any benefit.

Index on entityId.

  id: String,
  entityId: String - Id of the item that the tag is for.
  tags: String[],
  version: Number


Each update to a wiki creates a new entry and does not overwrite.

Indexed on entityId, version.

  id: String,
  entityId: String,
  text: String,
  version: Number,
  createdAt: Number,
  userId: String


  • Tags cannot repeat per entity, are case insensitive. Tags limited to 128 characters.
  • Wiki has a limit of 100,000 characters.