View the Graph Information of a Catalog

Enterprise Edition only

Introduced in Dremio 4.0.0.

This API retrieves graph information about a specific catalog entity (source, space, folder, file or dataset) using its ID. Child information (if applicable) of the catalog entity are also retrieved.

** Enterprise Edition only

Available as of Dremio 4.0.0**


GET /api/v3/catalog/{id}/graph

where {id} must be the Dataset ID.

Response Output

    sources: [CatalogEntity],
    parents: [CatalogEntity],
    children [CatalogEntity],
  • Sources - List of Catalog entities representing the sources that the dataset uses.
  • Parents - List of Catalog entities representing the direct parents of the dataset.
    For example, if a VDS is a join of two other datasets, the parents are those two datasets being joined.
  • Children - List of Catalog entities representing any other datasets that reference this dataset. May be not present if there are no children.

Catalog Entity

The CatalogEntity is one of the following:

Response Codes

403 - User does not have permission to view the catalog entity.
404 - A catalog entity with the specified ID could not be found.