Source Container

Represents a source in Dremio. All sources returned by the REST API will have an entityType of source.

Source Parameters

The JSON representation of a source looks like this:

  "entityType": "source" [immutable after creation],
  "id": String [immutable, generated by Dremio],
  "name": String [immutable after creation],
  "description": String,
  "tag": String [immutable, generated by Dremio],
  "type": String (Source Type) [immutable after creation],
  "config": Object (Source Config),
  "createdAt": String (RFC3339 date) [immutable],
  "metadataPolicy": {
    "authTTLMs": Number,
    "datasetRefreshAfterMs": Number,
    "datasetExpireAfterMs": Number,
    "namesRefreshMs": Number,
    "datasetUpdateMode": String ["PREFETCH", "PREFETCH_QUERIED", "INLINE"]
  "state": {
    "status": String ["good", "bad", "warn"] [immutable, generated by Dremio],
    "messages": [Status Message] [immutable, generated by Dremio]
  "accelerationRefreshPeriodMs": Number,
  "accelerationGracePeriodMs": Number,
  "accelerationNeverExpire": Boolean [introduced in Dremio 3.1],
  "accelerationNeverRefresh": Boolean [introduced in Dremio 3.1]
Name Type Description
id String Source ID. Generated by Dremio, immutable.
name String Name of the source. Immutable after creation.
description String Detailed description.
tag String Identifies the instance of the source, changed each time a source is modified. Generated by Dremio, immutable.
type String Source Types Immutable after creation.
config Object Source Type Configuration based on the specified source type.
createdAt String RFC3339 date (example: 2017-10-27T21:08:22.858Z) representing the creation datetime. Immutable.
metadataPolicy [Source metadata] Source Metadata Policy Policies regarding updating of a source's metadata.
state [Source State] State of the source. Generated by Dremio, immutable.
accelerationRefreshPeriodMs Number How often to refresh reflections on data in the source.
accelerationGracePeriodMs Number How long to keep reflections on data in the source before it expires.
accelerationNeverExpire Boolean If set to true, accelerations will never expire. This overrides the accelerationGracePeriodMs setting.
accelerationNeverRefresh Boolean If set to true, accelerations will never be refreshed automatically. This overrides the accelerationRefreshPeriodMs setting.

Source State

Represents the state of a source.

  "status": String ["good", "bad", "warn"] [immutable],
  "messages": [StatusMessage] [immutable]
Name Type Description
status String Either info, bad, or warn. Immutable
messages StatusMessage[] An array of Source Status Messages. Immutable.

Source Status Message

Represents a status message for a source.

  "level": String ["INFO", "WARN", "ERROR"] [immutable],
  "message": String [immutable]
Name Type Description
status String Either INFO, WARN, or ERROR. Immutable.
message String Status message. Immutable.

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