17.0.0 Release Notes (Dremio July 2021)

What’s New

AWS Authentication

Fields have been added to S3, Amazon Elasticsearch, and Glue sources that allow for authenticating Dremio with AWS by reading from an AWS Profile file.

Changed Behavior

Added process for upgrading to new versions of Dremio when using custom ARP sources in the event of breaking changes/features being introduced, such as access control.

Other Enhancements

Percentile SQL Functions

The ability to execute percentile commands via SQL functions has been added in the form of PERCENTILE_CONT and PERCENTILE_DISC. Using these, you may now compute percentiles against any numeric column.

Elasticsearch 7 Connector Preview

With the release of Elasticsearch Connector v7.0+, a number of breaking changes were introduced. If you upgrade your existing Elasticsearch deployment to v7.0+, you will need to remove and add it as a source again in Dremio.

For more information regarding these breaking changes and how they may affect your experience integrating with Dremio, please review Elastic’s breaking changes in 7.0.


Mixed Type Removal

Dremio has removed support for columns with mixed data types. A standard schema is now enforced.

Fixed Issues

Deltalake tables with statistics added later return incorrect results.
Dremio now supports Deltalake tables where statistics for data files are added later.