Job Details

This topic provides detailed job information.

Job detailed information includes:

  • Plan data - planning and enqueued time
  • Read data
  • Process data - execution time and top operations
  • Return data - wait on client, number of records, and data volume

Job Results

A new systems table, sys.job_results, has been added that allows you to query the job results using the sys.job_result.<job id> path. This allows you to use jobs to query the sub-schema instead of re-running the original query.

This table can be queried if the job is complete and the end user has access to the data. For example:
select * from sys.job_results.226c41ee-fced-8f23-b030-99b5c5fa8900
returns the results of the job, 226c41ee-fced-8f23-b030-99b5c5fa8900.

The Generate Query Support Bundle button appears only on YARN-based Dremio deployments.