Before You Begin

This topic identifies prerequisite information needed prior to deploying Dremio.

Operating Systems

Dremio supports the following distributions and versions of Linux:

  • RHEL and CentOS 6.7+ and 7.3+
  • SLES 12 SP2+
  • Ubuntu 14.04+ (use tarball)
  • Debian 7+ (use tarball)

System Requirements


Determine how your Dremio cluster is deployed:

  • Public cloud or on premises deployment
  • Co-located with one of the data sources or deployed separately


Provide the following system environment:

  • A low-latency, high-bandwidth network connection between Dremio and the data sources.

    10 GB network is recommented when connecting to large data sources (terabytes or petabytes of data)

  • Adequate CPU and memory resources. See System Requirements for more information.
  • Open ports used by Dremio. See System Requirements for more information.
    • 9047
    • 31010
    • 2181
    • 45678
    • Ports assigned to Dremio for data source reads
  • Nodes allocated to the Dremio cluster. See Dremio Node Roles for more information.
  • Access privileges:
    • ssh and scp access
    • root or sudo privileges
  • Recommended browsers