Windows ODBC

Windows ODBC installer includes Dremio’s ODBC driver and integrations for BI Tools.

Setup (Admin)

  1. Download and install the Dremio Connector.

  2. Run the ODBC Data Sources Windows application. Make sure you picked the correct application: 64-bit or 32-bit.

  3. Open the System DSN tab, select ‘Dremio Connector,’ and hit the Configure button.

  4. Enter your the IP address for one of the coordinator nodes in your cluster in the ‘Direct to Server’ field and change the Authentication Type to ‘Plain’ and provide your account’s login information.

  5. Optionally test the connection, and then hit OK. You should now have a System DSN you can use to connect to Dremio.

Setup (BI User)

  1. Ask an administrator to follow the steps above.

  2. Then, go to the start menu and click on the Dremio BI Connector.

  3. Install whichever connector you need at the moment. (You must have Tableau installed to install their respective connectors.)

  4. Proceed to use the connector.

  5. The BI Connector Installer will remain there if you ever need to redownload your connector or install the connector for another BI tool.

Connecting to ZooKeeper


In this mode, Dremio distributes planning across available coordinator nodes. To enable this, select ZooKeeper Quorum option for Connection Type, and fill in the details:

Quorum: <ZK_QUORUM_HOST>:<ZK_PORT> #default port is 2181
Cluster ID: coordinator

Multiple Dremio Clusters in the same ZooKeeper Quorum

Cluster A

Quorum: <ZK_QUORUM_HOST>:<ZK_PORT> #default port is 2181
Cluster ID: /path/to/ClusterA/coordinator

Cluster B

Quorum: <ZK_QUORUM_HOST>:<ZK_PORT> #default port is 2181
Cluster ID: /path/to/ClusterB/coordinator