Arrow Flight

Dremio provides an Arrow Flight server endpoint for Arrow Flight connections. The endpoint is enabled by default on port 32010. Arrow Flight enables high speed data transfer compared to ODBC/JDBC connections by utilizing the Apache Arrow format to avoid serializing and deserializing data.

Flight Server Authentication

The Arrow Flight server endpoint for Dremio 12.0.0 supports two authentication modes:

  • arrow.flight.auth2
  • legacy.arrow.flight.auth

By default, Dremio 12.0.0 enables arrow.flight.auth2 authentication mode, which requires Arrow 3.0.0. Dremio 13.0.0 deprecates the legacy authentication mode and will remove it in a future release.

Sample Flight Client Applications

Dremio provides sample Flight client applications in Python and Java at Dremio Hub. Dremio 12.0.0+ and Arrow 3.0.0 are required. See the Arrow Flight documentation for more information about Arrow Flight.

Managing Workfloads

Dremio administrators can use the Arrow Flight server endpoint to manage query workloads by adding the following properties to your Flight client:

Flight Client Property Description
ROUTING_TAG Tag name associated with all queries executed within a Flight session. Used only during authentication.
ROUTING_QUEUE Name of the workload management queue. Used only during authentication.
SCHEMA Default schema path to the dataset that the user wants to query.